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Six girls ages 8 to 10 years old collected and delivered over 1000 books to Carrillo Elementary!

Our kids’ first “Good Deed” involved a group of girls ages 8-10 in a project to collect used children’s books in order to donate them to other kids that may otherwise not be able to afford them. Over a few

weeks, the girls brainstormed, planned, wrote emails to friends, family and others in the community. They scoured their neighborhood, knocked at doors collecting the books, sorted them, labeled and packed them. Books also arrived anonymously at our doorstep. The community response was so overwhelming, that even the girls were amazed. Their efforts had really paid off as they collected well over 1,000 books.

This Friday morning, December 16 at 10:30, the girls will personally deliver the books to the kids at Cabrillo Elementary in Point Loma. Kids will get to keep most of the books and the rest will be donated to the school’s library. In presenting their gift, the girls will also speak to each of the grades about the importance of reading, the books that have inspired them and their experience in this project. Cabrillo’s Principal, Mr. Suarez, has also asked the girls to share their project with Cabrillo’s Associated Student Body, so they too can learn about this important project.

San Diego’s CW Channel-6 has been invited to cover the story at Cabrillo Elementary (3120 Talbot St., San Diego 92106). This project proved to the kids that even small deeds can make big differences in the lives of people. In addition to a sense of empowerment, the project has inspired them to continue to find ways to help people and communities. They’ve learned that the true meaning to life involves enriching the quality of life of others and thereby, oneself.

Do you have used books to donate to deeds by Kids™?

Send us your used books and please include your contact information:

3525 Del Mar Heights Rd. Suite 721, San Diego, CA 92130 ♦ 858.761.4941

For more information send us an email to: bookproject@deedsbykids.org

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